Custom Indicator Development Services 

Terms of Service 

How It Works (Step by Step)

Note: This is a general outline for the development process. Each project is unique and may proceed in variations of this process depending on the individual requirements and complexities of each project.


You are Paying for a Service, Not Guaranteed Performance.

We make efforts to screen out underperforming ideas during the application and formulation process, but the performance of your indicator ultimately depends on the quality of the underlying idea. We will try our best to notify you when we believe your idea will not perform as you may have intended.  Our Refund and Revision Policies are in place protect the company from any issues that may arise from (undesirable) clients who use our service with the intent of evaluating performance and subsequently requesting a refund. 

Termination of Service Disclaimer:

While we not intend to do so, Recio Development reserves the right to terminate its services to a client at any point if deemed necessary by the company. Necessary reparations will be made to ensure minimal impact on the client.

Financial Disclaimer:

Recio Development provides script development services for educational and informational purposes only. We are not a licensed financial adviser and our indicators should not be used as the sole basis for financial decisions. Please consult a licensed financial advisor before making any financial decisions. 

Revision Policy

Minor Revisions:

Feel free to reach out with minor revision requests at any time during the development process. Minor revisions are open for discussion at any point prior to "Source Code Delivery" (Step 10). 

Major Revisions:

The project Scope will be finalized in the "Establishing Project Scope" (Step 2).

Any revisions not detailed in the Scope established in Step 2 are considered "Major Revisions" and will incur additional fees.

Revision Fees incurred on open projects are Non-Refundable, and must be paid before development continues.

Post-Delivery Revisions:

Is any project truly done? Just forget something? No Problem.

Revisions for delivered projects are accepted and handled on a case by case basis. Post-Delivery Revisions may incur additional fees.

Refund Policy

Clients have the right to cancel their projects and receive a refund* at any point prior to the "Invite-Only Review" (Step 6) of their projects. Before Step 6, the client will be asked for a "Yes/No" confirmation to continue on to Step 6. If the client chooses to continue, they are no longer entitled to a refund.

*Revision fees on open projects are Non-Refundable. Refunds only apply to the initial quoted amount.

ChargeBack Policy

A chargeback is a serious claim made by a customer to their financial institution, stating that they did not authorize a transaction. Any chargeback made on a transaction with Recio Development will be investigated thoroughly. If the chargeback is determined to be fraudulent, the client will be blacklisted from any future transactions with our company. We will also share the necessary information about these clients with similar businesses to prevent other companies from having to deal with these issues. 

We understand that there may be valid reasons for a chargeback and we will do our best to resolve any issues that may have led to it. However, we will not tolerate fraudulent chargebacks and will take appropriate actions to dispute the claim with the client's bank. It is important to note that chargebacks can have a negative impact on our business, therefore, we strongly advise our clients to contact us prior to issuing a chargeback to resolve any disputes.

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